finish'd Pro

The platform designed to benefit gig workers, service providers, ride share drivers, and accommodation rental hosts.

It's time for the pros to feel the love

Gig workers, service providers, businesses, freelancers, ride share drivers, and accommodation rental hosts are the heart and soul of the on-demand ecosystem. Without them, the ecosystem and various platforms wouldn't exist. These members shouldn't feel like they are losing out on profit. These members should be able to use a platform that gives them complete satisfaction. They aren't getting this with current platforms, so we decided to give them a platform where they are the shining stars.

Join 6,000+ service categories

Earn more by becoming a finish'd Pro Provider

This is the highest number of services available on an on-demand platform. That means even more people now have a chance to earn money through finish'd Pro, and finish'd users have 6,000+ ways that you can help them get what they need finish'd.

Keep 100% of your
profits earned
Unlock your full potential

finish'd Driver

The fair, driver-based platform

Say goodbye to the pain points of traditional ride share platforms. We've taken the time to build a comprehensive ride management platform right within the finish'd app, allowing drivers to experience the quality platform they need and deserve.

  • View & accept local ride requests from finish'd users
  • Real-time alerts for new ride requests
  • View driver rating & earnings
  • Keep 100% of the profit earned from each ride completed - no percentage cuts or fees per ride here
  • 100% pricing and earning transparency

finish'd Spaces Host

Rent out your extra space and turn it into a form of passive income

Unlock the potential of your property as a finish'd Spaces Host. We built finish'd Spaces Host to provide rental hosts with the features they have been wanting, in an easy user-focused management portal.

  • Add, manage, and remove unlimited number of Spaces
  • View your earnings & finish'd Spaces Reviews
  • Integrated reservation management portal
  • Keep 100% of the profit earned from each reservation completed - no fees or percentage cuts per booking here
  • Real-time booking status updates from check-in to check-out
  • 100% pricing and earning transparency

Simple, Affordable, Easy Pricing

As a service provider, gig worker, accommodation / vacation rental host, and a ride share driver, you deserve a platform designed for your success. Other platforms charge you per lead, take a percentage of your profits, charge you small fees that slowly begin to add up, and in some cases pass these fees along to your customers. You experience none of that with finish'd. We make it simple, easy, and affordable for you to become a finish'd Pro Provider, finish'd Driver, or finish'd Spaces Host. Save money and earn more with finish'd.

Pro Provider

  • Accept local & remote finish'd requests
  • Keep 100% of profit earned
  • No percentage cuts taken from your earnings
  • No pay-per-lead
  • Dedicated Pro Provider portal
  • Flexible payment methods

Spaces Host

  • Add finish'd Spaces for users to book and reserve
  • Unlimited number of Spaces
  • Keep 100% of profit earned
  • No fees passed on to your guests
  • Access to finish'd Spaces Host portal
  • 100% transparent pricing
On other platforms, providers are charged fees on top of fees. By the time a provider is paid, they have potentially already lost over 40% of their profit from the fees. It's time to end these fees. Instead of paying a handful of fees for each completed request and losing profit on each completed request, finish'd saves pros money by charging a small and affordable monthly subscription. That's right. For less than the price of 1 coffee, you can finally say goodbye to the laundry list of fees and percentages taken from your profit.

You Work Hard For Your Money
We Make Sure You Keep It