What sets finish'd apart from everyone else

Welcome to finish'd

Explore the powerful features of finish'd, the all-in-one on-demand platform that brings rideshare, contactless delivery, on-demand services, and vacation rental reservations together in a seamless user experience


  • 6,000+ service categories
    This is the highest number of services available on an on-demand platform. There's 6,000+ ways to crush that task list!
  • Integrated rideshare platform
    finish'd offers an integrated rideshare platform. finish'd Ride provides a familiar and easy process for finding a ride on-demand.
  • In-app messaging platform
    Send and receive messages to service providers right from the finish'd app. Keep track of your finish'd communication all in one place!

  • Easy request management portal
    Track your requests from start to finish all within the finish'd app. Our simple interface allows you to track payment, request support, view updates, communicate, and rate your provider.
  • Curated list of recommended services
    Get personalized recommendations based on the time of year, popular services, and more.
  • Simple & powerful user interface
    The finish'd interface was designed to be simple, beautiful, and easy to use.
  • Hire both local and remote service providers
    Gone are the restrictions of only finding remote or local pros. The finish'd platform allows you to hire local and remote service providers to help you finish your task!
  • Simple request process
    Creating a request in finish'd is quick and easy. Enter a few details such as what you need, the desired date, your budget, location, and any extra details you'd like to include. You can also select whether you would like the request to be completed by a local provider or a remote provider.

Find your perfect space for work or play

Discover a world of possibilities with finish'd Spaces - the ultimate platform for booking houses, offices, rooms, garages, condos and more, all on-demand and within reach.

finish'd Spaces

  • Wide range of rental categories
    finish'd Spaces offers a wide variety of spaces you can reserve.
    Hotel Room
    Hotel Room
    Bed & Breakfast
    Much More!
  • Simple Booking
    Booking a finish'd Space is a seamless and quick process. Find your perfect space, tap on the days you'd like to reserve, and pack your bags. It really is that easy.
  • Easy reservation management portal
    Easily track and manage your current and completed finish'd Space reservations. Check in, check out, communicate with your finish'd Spaces host, and view your reservation information all from the finish'd Spaces portal in the finish'd app.
  • No hidden fees & price transparency
    The price you see is the price you pay (aside from taxes if applicable). There are no surprises here, and you'll never see outrageous fees at checkout.
  • Simple & powerful user interface
    The finish'd Spaces interface was designed to be simple, beautiful, and easy to use. From the finish'd Spaces portal to the finish'd Space profile screen, everything was designed to be gorgeous and simple.

Places to be and a way to get there

Need a ride? There's a finish'd Driver ready to get you there. With finish'd, you can catch a ride all with just a few taps. It's quick, seamless, easy, and familiar.

finish'd Ride

  • New & familiar
    finish'd Ride offers the rideshare functionality you've come to love and expect from rideshare platforms in a new, but familiar setting eliminating the learning curve
  • More Payment Options
    finish'd Drivers are able to accept more forms of payment. This means you are able to pay for your trips in cash, credit/debit card, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Easy trip management portal
    Track your current rideshare trip right from the finish'd Ride portal of the app.

Get everything you need done.

Use finish'd to get everything on your to-do list complete, catch a ride to an event, or have your groceries and food delivered to you. Want to make extra cash? Become a finish'd Pro Provider and start earning money in less than 5 minutes.

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