What sets finish'd apart from everyone else

Explore the powerful features of finish'd, the all-in-one on-demand platform that brings rideshare, contactless delivery, on-demand services, accommodation rental reservations, and more together in a seamless user experience designed for you.
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All-In-One App

The finish'd app brings together a wide range of on-demand services into a single, user-friendly platform. You can access various services and features without the need to switch between multiple apps, simplifying your experience and saving time.

Options For Everyone

Not comfortable using smartphones or an app? With finish'd, you can still experience the benefits of the on-demand ecosystem. Send a text message or place a call to 641-FINISHD (641-346-4743) to submit a request 24/7 every day of the year.

Real-time Updates

Get notifications in real time for your finish'd request. Receive updates when your request is accepted, is in progress, and when it's complete.

Manage Requests

Manage your requests, trips, reservations, and more with easy management portals. View comments left by providers, edit, cancel, and close requests, and keep track of everything involving your requests in a single place.

Voice Control*

Don't like to type? Submit requests using your voice. The finish'd ecosystem ensures that everyone can take part in methods that are most comfortable to them.

* Coming Summer 2023

User-Focused Design

The finish'd app interface is designed to ensure the best experience for users. You have access to the full power and benefits of the on-demand ecosystem, all from a simple and elegant user interface and design.

List Your Items

finish'd provides a marketplace for you to list or buy items for sale. Create listings and showcase your items to potential buyers. It offers a convenient way to make money and connect with other finish'd users.

Safety For All

All hosts, providers, gig workers, and drivers are screened and background checked prior to being activated on the finish'd platform. All of this takes place in the span of a few minutes.

And So Many More

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