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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the finish'd app free?

It is free to download and use the finish'd app. You will have to pay your service provider, rideshare driver, or space host for a completed finish'd task, completed ride, or finish'd Space reservation. finish'd does have in-app purchases fro finish'd Pro Provider, finish'd Driver, and finish'd Spaces Host. These in-app purchases enable users to earn money by accepting finish'd requests, accepting rideshare requests, and hosting spaces for finish'd users to reserve.

How many requests can I submit at once?

There is no limit to the number of requests you can submit at once. As long as you have something that you need done, there's a finish'd Pro ready to help you get it knocked out.

Are there safety measures in place?

finish'd is focused on ensuring the safety of our users. Between background checks, monitoring of feedback for providers, hosts, drivers, and users, and other safety checks built into the platform, we are constantly working to ensure both users and providers experience a safe and pleasant experience with finish'd. As we continue to expand, we continue to monitor and assess what we can implement to further increase the safety of everyone on the platform.