A sneak peek into where we are headed

Looking Down The Road

This year, finish'd is set to gain more features and new on-demand categories designed to make your life even easier. Providers, hosts, rideshare drivers, gig workers and freelancers will see a slew of updates to the platform designed to help them earn more.

Q1 - Q4 2023

  • Android release of finish'd
  • Direct restaurant integration
  • In-app payment integration option
  • Siri integration
  • Release in Mexico & Spain
  • Release in UK, Germany, and France
  • Release in India
  • Release in Africa
  • Revamped rideshare interface
  • Revamped request creation and management interface
  • New service category options
  • Marketing suite for finish'd Pro Providers
  • Launch finish'd Spaces
  • Launch on-demand category 1 (more details closer to launch)
  • Launch on-demand category 2 (more details closer to launch)
  • Launch web version of finish'd