finish'd Driver

The platform built for drivers

The Fair, Driver Based Platform

Say goodbye to the pain points of traditional rideshare platforms. Introducing finish'd Driver - the rideshare platform that puts drivers first. We've taken the time to understand the issues faced by drivers and have created solutions to address them. Upgrade to finish'd Driver and experience the difference for yourself. A happier and more enjoyable rideshare experience is just a tap away!

It's Time For Rideshare Drivers To Rejoice

  • finish'd Driver was built from the ground up to ensure that rideshare drivers are profitable and successful. There is no need to download a separate app - you can access the finish'd Driver portal directly from the finish'd app.
  • Easy Onboarding Process
  • View & Accept Local Ride Requests From finish'd Users
  • View Driver Rating & Earnings
  • Turn On/Off Active Driver Mode
  • Real-time Alerts For New Ride Requests
  • Curated Tips & Tricks For Getting The Most From finish'd Driver
  • All Of The Features & Benefits of finish'd Pro Provider

Simple & Powerful

The finish'd Driver portal was designed to be both simple and powerful. Track and manage your accepted ride requests, get the latest tips and tricks for ensuring success, and more with the finish'd Driver portal. The best part? It takes less than 3 minutes to become a finish'd Driver and you get all of the features and benefits of finish'd Pro Provider.

Earn More With finish'd Driver

  • No Fees or Percentages Taken From Your Trips
    With other platforms, you can lose up to 46% of the profit from a ride given due to platform percentage cuts and fees. You won't experience that as a finish'd Driver.
  • Keep 100% of Profits Earned
    When you accept a ride request, the price you see is what you will receive. There's no guessing or estimating what your take home earnings will be. You keep 100% of your profits with finish'd Driver.
  • Only $5.99/month or $59.99/year (2 months free)
    With finish'd Driver, not only do you have a higher take home pay, you save more money. You won't find a laundry list of fees or percentage cuts here. After your first ride, you've already paid for finish'd Driver and earned a profit. It's simple, affordable pricing - the way it should be.

Become a finish'd Driver

Join the ranks of satisfied drivers and experience the benefits of finish'd Driver. Download the app now and take the first step towards a better ridesharing experience.

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